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The lighter side of real estate

Life is pretty serious right now and we’re all facing lots of uncertainty and fear. In the spirit of finding something to smile about, let’s take a glimpse into the lighter side of real estate. I give you… the not-so-glamourous moments of my career.

Most awkward client conversation

Having to suggest to my buyers to remove the stripper pole from their master bedroom before starting showings. I couldn’t work up the nerve to bring it up until our second visit.

Most awkward showing

One afternoon, I was showing an investment property to a couple. As usual, we had arranged for the tenants to be out and when we walked in, it was clear they had quite a shindig the previous night. The place was a disaster, covered in bottles and trash and smelling less than Downy fresh. As we carried on with the showing, we walked into the basement bedroom and found the tenants still passed out in bed. Time to go!

Most original contract inclusion

After seeing a very healthy cannabis specimen in the backyard greenhouse, my buyer had me ask for “a plant of his choice” in the purchase agreement.

Least graceful moment

While showing an investment property to a young buyer one winter, the heel of my boot somehow got stuck in the tread of an interior stairway. I tried (unsuccessfully) to maintain an air of professionalism as I tumbled down one, then two then ALL the steps while hanging onto the railing like monkey bars. My buyer thought it was hilarious and wished he’d captured it all on camera.

Worst moment of panic

I was beside myself when I discovered the seller’s cat had escaped during a home inspection. I searched high and low for two hours before the darn cat crept out from its hiding spot somewhere in the basement.

Most over-and-above realtor duties: Picking up dog poop while watering new sod in heels. Honourable mention to cleaning out a shed, staining a deck, weeding a garden, shoveling snow. So much for a job description!

Worst nope moment

I was showing my buyers a home that had recently come on the market after the owner had passed away. I got such a bad vibe from the place as soon as we walked in and knew there was no way I could let them buy it. When my buyers decided they didn’t like the yard, I couldn’t have been more relieved and rushed them out of there as fast as I could.

Worst part about being a realtor

The …ahem… complications of doing a two-hour showing with Crohn’s disease.

But don’t think for a moment that I don’t love my job. In fact, these trip-ups (pun intended) help me keep a smile on my face, just like these best of moments do:

Best find

A buyer once gave me what seemed like an impossible wish list: A contemporary chic home in the city with a geothermal heating system. It just wasn’t something we have in this market so I was worried we wouldn’t find what she was looking for. And then I came across the perfect listing for her. She was so happy when she saw it! It was like a Miracle on 34th Street moment!

Best deal

I helped my clients buy a mini home for $5,000 as an investment. Once they completed the renovations, we were able to flip it for 9 times that!

Happiest ending

I had clients whose families had recently blended, leaving five kids and the two parents living in a cramped three-bedroom townhouse. I helped them find their dream home with space to accommodate everyone.

Best effort

In another blog, I wrote about military house hunting and how families only have one week to find and purchase a new home when they’re posted. My record is taking my clients to 25 houses in one day to make sure they had a successful house hunting trip. We had such a tight schedule I only gave us time for a drive-through lunch at Tim’s.

Most loyal client

Remember the client who witnessed my clumsy fall down the steps? Not only did we find him a house that time, but he has since completed six transactions with me! I’ve seen him be single, dating, married and now with his two beautiful kids. I’ve loved being part of his journey.

Most exciting contract signing

Meeting a client at his wedding ceremony to sign a purchase agreement. Talk about having a big day!

I love my job and have a great time doing it. Contact me today about buying, selling or just to ask questions.

On a serious note, everyone is dealing with something completely new and unfamiliar. Be kind to each other. Reach out and take care of friends, family and neighbours. Remember, we’re all in this together.


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