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Dawna Candelora, home office, Interior design

Dawna's Approach


Even if you know what features you want in a house or a neighbourhood, you might not know where to look.  And if you are relocating from another city or province, how do you know which area or house is right for you? 


​That’s where the experience of a Nova Scotia real estate agent comes in handy. 

Knowing what to look for, where to look, and how to put in the right offer are skills honed over decades of buying and selling in this province. 

Dawna and her team work hard to get you the right home at the right price.


Paperwork, numbers, and phone calls are one thing. 


What you may not realize is that selling your home in Nova Scotia is all about nuance. Little things you’d never expect can affect whether you have one viewing a day, or twelve. 


A listing photo featuring a car in the driveway is a no-no. Where a picture is hung, or what the picture is, can turn prospective buyers away. 


Dawna and her team know these little secrets and plenty more, giving your home the best opportunity to catch attention, and you the best chance at selling your house quickly and efficiently.

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Some of the services our agents provide for the best real estate experience

Arrange Home Inspections

Each home has its own problems. Knowing who and when to ask for an inspection is something our agents are well versed in.


Arrange Water and Septic Inspections

Nova Scotia has many communities that run on well-water and septic systems - we’ll work with you to make sure yours is in working order.

Collaboration with Lawyers

There are legal questions in real estate we aren’t qualified to answer, but we always know who to ask should the need arise.


Broker Recommendations

Associate brokers like Dawna work with trusted mortgage brokers to get the financial approval you need for your property.


Buyer Side Representation

If you’re looking to buy any kind of property in Nova Scotia, Dawna has the experience to help you find that perfect place.

Seller Side Representation

Selling your property is much more than finding a buyer. Our team has seen it all and is ready to streamline your selling process.


Rental Opportunities 

You don’t need to invest in real estate to need an agent. If you’re a renter, we’ll help you find the right home at the right price.

Free Home Assessments

Fluctuations in market prices are common in HRM. Dawna knows this intimately and can assess the value of your home free of charge.


Key Exchanges / Lock Box Placement

Closing a sale is an exciting time. There are many small details our team will take care of so you can simply enjoy the rewards.


Basic Financial Advice

How much should your down payment be? What about mortgages or lines of credit? Together, we’ll explore the options.


Basic Accounting / Tax Advice

Buying and selling real estate will have implications for your next tax return; we’ll walk you through the basics so you can know what to expect.


Counseling on Listing Prices

Hot Nova Scotia market prices make setting a price for your property tricky! We can help balance it all to maximize your ROI in record time.


Counseling on Offer Prices

Whether it’s getting a steal or offering more than asking to guarantee your dream home, our experts advise on when and what to offer.

Contract Amendments

Adding stipulations to contracts after the fact is a vital part of the real estate journey and can be tricky to navigate for the inexperienced.


Your real estate journey starts here...

Advocating for your best interests when you can’t

“Dawna helped us buy our condo and office space this year. She is hands down the hardest working agent in the HRM. If you’re looking for someone who is always available, extremely hard working and advocates for your best interests, working with her is a no brainer. I am an extremely busy business owner and she has made the process a seamless one for us. She is the best of the best.” - Jessica Ghaney

Ready and willing to take on any challenge

“My wife and I had been transferred to Ontario and we were having a difficult time selling our property. The agent we had previous to Dawna seemed more interested in low-balling us into selling him the home, than actually selling the property. From the start of our conversations, Dawna was very professional and confident. She understood our predicament and got to work on solving the problems. Dawna is honest and trustworthy, qualities that seem hard to come by in this day and age.” - Gump Harrison

Handling all the details and establishing a schedule

“Dawna presented a reasonable timeline in which to accomplish our photos, advertisement and sale and made great suggestions on how to best present our property. Once offers were in she met with us, we selected our purchaser and she guided us through all the hoops we needed to sell our property and move to our new home. Her confidence and guidance was reassuring.” - Sandra Barry

Your complete guide for out-of-province relocations

“Having to move to a new province leaving behind jobs, school, and friends is never easy, but Dawna made us all feel valued and cared for throughout the process. During COVID-19 we made the choice to make our purchase completely online. Dawna [...] patiently took us on virtual tours giving us a detailed look at our property before we made the offer. In addition, she was able to point us in the direction of the many other services we needed in the area.” - Douglas Gillespie

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